When and where will the event take place?

  • The Hunt will take place in Wright Park on August 7th 2022 at noon. Depending on when teams complete the final puzzle, the event should end by 5 PM.

How does the puzzle hunt work?

  • In short, you will walk to different locations around the event area to find marked brainteasers. Once you solve all of them, you will use the clues you get from the answers to solve a second set of puzzles. The winning team is the first to get the final answer correct. This event was modeled after the Post Hunt in Washington, D.C. Visit their website to get a better idea of what's in store for you, and use it to get some practice before you arrive. You can also go to the Rules and Instructions page for detailed information specific to our puzzle hunt.

Where should I park?

  • Street parking is available all around the area, but we encourage you to bike or take public transportation.

May I form a team with just myself? I work better alone.

  • You may participate by yourself, but puzzles are usually easier and more fun when you have multiple people working on them. That being said, you can also have too many people. The maximum team size for this event is 6 people.

Do I need to register and is there a fee?

  • Yes and yes. You may register either individually or as a team. You can click here to go to the registration page, where fee information is also posted.

Can I register at the event?

  • Yes. There will be a registration table at the event, but you won't be able to take advantage of any advance registration discounts that may be offered. Remember to get there early so you can be ready to start on time.

What should I do when I get to the event?

  • The captain of each team should go to the check-in table to retrieve your puzzle packet. Then proceed to the stage area and wait for the event to begin.

Will I have to drive anywhere else to participate?

  • No. The entire event will take place in Wright Park.

What will I need to bring?

  • Bring water, a pen/pencil, a text and internet capable device, comfortable shoes, and a sense of adventure.

What if it rains?

  • Is that a question people ask around here? I guess you'll get wet because the event will take place rain or shine.

What if I get hungry or need to use a restroom?

  • There are several restaurants and bars in the area that will be happy to serve you food and drink. Wright Park also has restrooms near the splash park.