The Tacoma Puzzle Hunt was inspired by the Post Hunt - an annual event that drew thousands of people to Washington, D.C. for a chance to show off their puzzle-solving skills and compete for prizes while doing it.

The Hunt is divided into two halves:
In the first half, teams of up to 6 people will walk to various locations in the event area and attempt to solve 5 puzzles. Most of the puzzles do not involve simply solving something on a piece of paper, but will incorporate either features of the area or some other visual or audio element.

In the second half, teams will use the answers from the first half to solve a series of meta-puzzles.

We recommend visiting the Post Hunt site for a better idea of what to expect.

This year's event will take place in Wright Park on August 7th at noon.

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There will be 3 prizes for the winning team and runners-up!
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